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Similarity Server and Protege plug-in

  • If you are interested in downloading our SimCat Semantic Similarity Server, please visit our project page at sourceforge: SIM-DL

These are different versions of the Hydrographic Feature Types Toy Ontology that we are developing to test the SIM-DL server and Protégé plug-in. The ontology is still under construction, but these versions are known to work with the server:

Questionnaire (SIM-DL - HST)
This questionnaire (in German) has been used during the human participants test we conducted for our paper submission for AGILE 2008. Note that this is only a sample; for the tests handed out to the participants, the list of target concepts was randomized. To get the original layout as handed out to the participants, please print duplex an A3 paper and fold in the middle:

Questionnaire and Video (Semantics-Based Gazetteer Web Interface - HST)
This questionnaire (in English) has been used during the human participants test to evaluate the subsumption and similarity-based navigation for the semantics-based ADL gazetteer Web interface (see