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Staff News

A warm welcome to our new SimCat team member Marius!

Open Student Position at SimCat

We have an open position for a Java savvy student here at SimCat. If this interesting for you, have a look at the job advertisement (in German). You should live in Münster if you want to join our project, though.

SIM-DL server beta1.2 released

We are happy to announce the release of the next beta version (1.2) of our simcat similarity server and Protege plug-in!

SimCat Publications

We (finally…) have an overview of all SimCat and SIM-DL related publications online, with most of them available for download as PDFs.

Beta 1 (balou) - HowTo

The SimCat Similarity Server and the Protégé Plug-in have reached beta state. We want to give you the basic facts you need for performing similarity measurement using SimCat software.
SimCat Server

Download balou.jar
run the jar

Protégé Plug-in

Download and install the Protégé Editor including the Protégé OWL-Plugin
Download the plug-in
Unpack the archive into the plugin folder in your Protégé directory
Start […]

SIM-DL server beta1 released

We are happy to announce the release of the first beta version of our simcat similarity server and Protege plug-in!

Out of Office

The SimCat team was literally thrown out of office yesterday because the university had measured a high concentration of PCBs in our building the night before. The whole building complex has been evacuated, and it is not clear yet how long we will have to work in “exile”. For the time being, we will have […]

Similarity Workshop

Workshop on Semantic Similarity Measurement and Geospatial Applications

in Melbourne, Australia, September 19th, 2007
Held in conjunction with COSIT 2007,the International Conference on Spatial Information Theory

Krzystof Janowicz, Institute for Geoinformatics, University of MuensterAngela Schwering, Institute of Cognitive Science, University of OsnabrueckMartin Raubal, Department of Geography, University of California at Santa BarbaraWerner Kuhn, Institute for Geoinformatics, University of […]

SimCat on SourceForge

SimCat now has it’s own SourceForge project called SIM-DL. We will move the Java code for our similarity server to the SourceForge CVS as soon as we have reached alpha status.

SimCat Activities

So the blog is back to our SimCat layout! After upgrading to WordPress 2.1.1., the problems with our theme somehow vanished into thin air. Time to report on our current activities:
During the past weeks, we have mostly been busy with understanding the DIG spec and reasoning algorithms for description logics. We have also collected some […]