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Archive for 'Development'

e like in Experimantal

Please keep in mind that the ‘e’ in SIM-DL beta2.3.1e similarity server stands for experimental. This versions has nice new features such as the user’s similarity estimations tab but also a lot of issues (there seems to be also a bug when using 64bit Java) which may lead to strange results. In many cases, the […]

SIM-DL Server and Protege Plug-in released (beta2.1)

We are happy to announce the release of the next beta version (2.1) of our SimCat similarity server and Protege plug-in! The new release contains some major improvements such as an extended context model with several kinds of contexts, caching, lazy unfolding and a more intuitive user guidance for the plug-in.

SIM-DL server beta1.2 released

We are happy to announce the release of the next beta version (1.2) of our simcat similarity server and Protege plug-in!

Plugin fixed

A new version of the SimCat Protégé-Plugin is available at SourceForge.
The current version reacts properly on server errors and also displays DIG-specific error messages.

SIM-DL server alpha2 released

Today the second alpha of our SIM-DL similarity server was released. It can be downloaded from the sourceforge repository: SIM-DL

Second alpha: SimCat plugin

The second alpha release of the SimCat plugin for Protege is ready for download.
This release contains following functions:
- explore OWL ontologies
- specify search concept & context
- DIG interface for accessing SimDL services
- reasoner monitoring
- visualization of similarity measurement results

Ontology Engineering

The first whiteboard draft for the light version of our feature type ontology.

First Alpha: Poochie

Our first alpha release Poochie is ready for download!
To have the wohle project in one place at SourceForge, we have also moved our blog to You should be forwarded from the old URL, the URL for the RSS feed remained unchanged. If there should be any problems, please let us know in the comments.

SimCat vs. Protégé

We have started do develop a Protégé Plugin for accessing the SimCat Similarity Server. More about the plugin soon!

Similarity Server Progress

Our similarity server now runs on Jetty 6! The picture shows Martin at our reasoning team’s last coding session with two video projectors.