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Climbing Route Recommendation Portal
The Climbing Route Recommendation Portal (CRRP) is based on an extensional information retrieval paradigm. That is, the retrieval process is based on a query-by-example, and hence relies exclusively on individuals (and their characteristics) to reason about similarity. A concept (the LCS) computed from the set of examples, called reference routes here, is used to pre-select the compared to target routes (within a user-defined area). A similarity measure for route instances is then used to provide the user with a ranked list of route recommendations.

An beta version of the CRRP can be downloaded here. The non-standard inference services involved are provided by SIM-DL which can be downloaded at sourceforge: SIM-DL.
Once the SIM-DL server and the CRRP is started, the portal can be accessed using this link.

Similarity-based Gazetteer Interface
Beta versions of the interfaces are now available here.
Note that only geographic features from the hydrographic domain are available, at the moment.
The interfaces provides new paradigms for the feature type selection in gazetteers. These paradigms use similarity and/or subsumption based reasoning to support users in their choice of the desired feature type. Users specify a type for their search and the interface computes all available similar types using the SIM-DL server (see for the questionnaire and video).