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About SimCat

SimCat is a project at the Institute for Geoinformatics, University of M√ľnster. It is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) under the full title Semantic Similarity Measurement for Role-Governed Geospatial Categories. The research with in SimCat includes the following topics:

Semantic similarity (and)

  • Time:
    Concepts evolve over time and therefore also their similarity.
  • Context:
    As Goodman puts it, there is no meaning of similarity without defining its respects.
  • Goals / Affordances:
    Beside context, the goals and abilities of the user have influence on similarity.
  • Structured Representation:
    Concepts are not bags of features, but have a structure that influences similarity.
  • Representation Extraction:
    How to extract dimensions for geometric similarity approaches out of databases?
  • As Compromise:
    The role of similarity in decision support systems involving several users.
  • Generalization:
    Levels of abstractions and their influence on similarity.
  • Description Logics:
    How to measure similarity between DL-concepts.
  • Activation/Artificial Neural Networks:
    Can we use neural networks as activation & alignment structures for similairty?